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Mask Making 101


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Mask Making 101


Mask Making 101


Just in time for Halloween, Chris’ Mask making 101 teaches the fundamentals of making a wearable mask for either yourself or for a client. Topics ranging the spectrum of mask making including design, sculpture, mold-making, and fabrication will be thoroughly discussed. Class dates are October 5th, 12th, and 19th. These are the first three Saturdays of the month, so please make sure you will be available as there are no make-up classes. Classes begin at 10 a.m. and conclude at 5pm.

Topics covered:

  • The process and art of designing a mask for yourself and for a client.

  • Blocking and refining a piece in clay as well as Chris’ sculpting tips and tricks of getting the job done.

  • Molding a mask including discussions of the materials involved as well as the do’s and don’t’s of the process.

  • Casting a piece in lightweight materials as well as mounting hardware.

  • Discussions all throughout each class of the fx industry. What to expect and how to get started.

Please, bring any and all tools you may have for sculpting. If you do not have any a starter set will be provided for you.

Materials included:

  • Chavant clay

  • Introductory set of sculpting tools

  • Sculpting base

  • Molding materials

  • Casting materials and hardware

All levels of experience are welcomed from the beginner to intermediate. rules for the class will be discussed on the first day. This is a location based class in Baton Rouge La, so there will be no access to streaming content during sessions.

Please email regarding any questions.

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