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about Burgerstrings

{ Designer : Sculptor : Fabricator }



"It's who I am, it's what I do."

          My name is Chris Hamburger and i've been sculpting since childhood. It's been a passion of mine which I've carried to my adulthood. I started out in my parents garage making props for friends or others short films and built up from there.

          Truthfully, I was obsessed with robots and knew I wanted to make them for a living. Shows like Battlebots and Robotwars helped further fuel my desire for the mechanical. I loved designing anything that was a machine and originally went to college to become a mechanical engineer because of it. Soon after, I changed my major to sculpture realizing I would be able to further pursue the creative side of mechanical design through it. 

           I fell in love with the traditional art of hard-surface sculpting. Precision through clay is my favorite act to accomplish. Eventually, this led me to carry a job at a local effects shop making silicone masks; starting off as moldmaker while also sculpting for them. It was during this time that I began sculpting and selling my own resin masks. After working there for several years I decided to head out to the West coast to pursue my dream of working in Hollywood. Within a month of moving I was picked up on a major film and have have been blessed to work on several large productions as a sculptor since. Working along side of industry professionals has taught me so much artistically as well as professionally and I still continue to learn and develop myself as an artist to this day.